Friday, May 6, 2011

"E" is for Erlking

One of my favorite songs by Sarah Brightman is "Figlio Perduto" ("Lost Son").

After reading the descriptions of the Erlking, I wondered if her song wasn't based on the legend. It is.

According to Finlay Cowan, in his book, Incredible Characters, the Erlking is a “malevolent spirit of German origin, whose aim is to whisk children away to an uncertain doom by offering them treats and a visit to his palace.”

Goethe’s poem, “Der Erlkonig” is a well-known poem based on the legend and has inspired many writers and musicians, including Jim Butcher, Philip K. Dick, and E Nomine (a German musical project).

If you’re interested in learning more: (information about the Erlking) (Sarah Brightman singing “Figlio Perduto”) (E Nomine’s “Die Schwarzen Reiter”, influenced by Goethe’s poem)


Gerri Bowen said...

Very interesting, Pamela.

Anonymous said...

The true Brothers Grimm stories are not pretty picture books

PamelaTurner said...

Thanks, Gerri. :-) I'm trying to find supernatural creatures that aren't as well known.

Monica, that is so true. The original fairy tales were violent and quite gruesome.

Christine Ashworth said...

I wish *you* could have included a bit more about the Erlking myth rather than point to another sounds fascinating but I don't have the time to click elsewhere. Just saying, lol...