Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012: What Now?

The year started off a bit shaky. Migraines and sinus headaches waylaid me the first couple days. Then I got hit by an unfavorable review on the anniversary of Death Sword's release. Ouch! January 5 was the 23rd year since my mother passed away in a car accident.

January 4 saw a more positive take on the new year with the release of an interview, courtesy of Ashley Barron. You can read it here:

I wanted to see what the rest of 2012 would bring regarding writing. Since I hadn't submitted any story in 2011, one of my goals this year is to submit a minimum of two manuscripts. But what else could I learn about myself that would help or hinder my literary intentions?

I decided to read the Tarot. Specifically, I laid out a six card Simplified Celtic Cross. Now I am by no means a professional Tarot reader. What I interpret from the reading may be far different than what other Tarot readers might. But I also believe the Tarot delves into ones intuition. Perhaps this reading will show that aspect of these cards.

The Tarot deck I used was the Celtic Tarot.

1. Experience to Date: 8 of Swords
A woman bound and blindfolded, pinned and surrounded to the ground by eight swords. The card of "imprisonment." But it seems to be more one of self-confinement. How many times had I failed to finish and submit a story because I feared it would be rejected? Yeah, self-doubt does that to a person.   

2. Where You Are Now: 10 of Pentacles
This card is considered to be the passing of time. I think for me it's regret over not accomplishing anything with my writing in the past year. Not that I can do anything about it. But I also look at this as being a temporary solution, one I can change. 

3. Near Future: Empress
Is this a good sign? The focus is on "prosperity, action, beneficial influence..." I wonder if it means I'll have a manuscript ready to submit in the near future. I have an UF currently with beta readers/CPs, so maybe...  

4. You in Environment of Future: Lovers
My husband is very supportive, allowing me to focus on my writing and classes. Granted, he hasn't read much of what I've written but I'm not going to quibble over that issue. :-)

5. Best to Hope for: Chariot
Well, this card is pretty self-evident. The idea is I'm in charge of my writing career. I just need to take control of it. 

6. Outcome: Queen of Pentacles
I look at this card as being a positive one. It seems I will attain some results but perhaps not all I want regarding the writing. Still, any positive step is a good one.

Overall, I believe 2012 will be a good year writing wise. Not only because the reading indicates such but because I plan to make it so.