Thursday, May 5, 2011

"D" is for Draugr

Looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous zombie? You might want to tap into Norse mythology and  the various draugar (plural  form).

According to Wikipedia, Tolkien’s barrow-wights are based on the draugr legends. This is entirely possible, considering The Lord of the Rings  contains elements of Norse mythology (

If you want to learn more about draugar:


Melissa Jarvis said...

Thanks so much for the info!! I love this idea of a-z on paranormal creatures. My husband has got us stocked up on guns for zombies, but I don't think he could stand against a draugr. I may have to use one in a WIP on a ghostly heroine though!

PamelaTurner said...

Thanks! It's not an original idea. LOL

I did start a story about a draugr released by a young man who wanted to avenge his sister's death. It's languishing on that expensive paperweight otherwise known as a laptop with Windows Vista. :-)

It'll probably continue to die a slow death...