Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome to Darkling Delights

Welcome to the newly titled Darkling Delights, formerly known as Haunted Dreams, Dark Destinies. The blog is still devoted to dark genre fiction: horror, urban and dark fantasy, paranormal (including paranormal romance), mystery, suspense, and thriller.

I've been working on horror short stories while revising my angel urban fantasy and a vampire Victorian paranormal mystery. Sadly, I'm going to have to throw out the police detective idea in the UF. I like it but it isn't working. However, I've got an idea to make the police detective a new character in another story, so all is (hopefully) not lost.

Keep forgetting to announce this, but if you're an author who writes any of the above genres, I'm looking for guest bloggers on Tuesdays. Email me at pamturner97 (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.

Thanks and Happy Friday the 13th!