Friday, December 3, 2010

NaNo Update and a Blog "Tour"

Sorry about the lack of updates recently. I spent November participating in that little writing frenzy known as National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. While I passed the 50k mark on my project, The Devil Inside, I haven't quite finished it. It's the third book in my Angels of Death series.

The blurb: Karla Black has settled comfortably into her role as an angel of death. But old wounds reopen when her mother tries to commit suicide. Determined to stop her, Karla is interrupted by Azazel, who reveals her mother and he are not her true parents. With this new information, along with her crumbling relationship with Xariel, Karla discovers her past is still filled with secrets, one that may change her life forever.

 Yes, I know, it needs work. :-) I also put up a mock cover. Trust me, no cover artists are in danger of losing their jobs.

Anyway, I spent most of 2010 writing stories. This month I plan to finish two short novels and start the revision process. If I'm successful I will have completed five short novels and one novella. Of course the plot bunnies are vying for my attention with ideas for short stories of the macabre. I've accepted that I'm probably a dark genre writer and that's okay. But I also enjoy writing contemporary M/M romances. Oh, well, blame it on my Gemini nature. :-)

This January 3, 2011 also sees the release of my first book, Death Sword, from Lyrical Press. You can learn more about it here and read an excerpt. To celebrate its release, I'm holding my own "Blog Tour." Death Sword is set in Louisville, Kentucky and, throughout this month, I'll be sharing information about my book as well as introducing readers to the various locations here in Louisville and why I've decided to set my stories in Derby City.

Hope you enjoy the ride!


nerinedorman said...

congrats on pulling through with NaNo. Maybe I'll be brave enough to attempt this next year.

Or maybe pigs will fly.

But I can dream...

PamelaTurner said...

Thanks! For some reason, I never finish NaNo on odd-numbered years. But it's become a November tradition and I can't resist writing challenges.