Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Death Sword Blog Tour Day 5: Talking About Louisville

Sorry for the hiatus. Today I'm talking about why I set Death Sword in Louisville and why people leave this city yet often return.

I moved to Louisville after graduating from college. Small-town girl meets big city. After a short stay, I left for Nevada before returning to Wisconsin. But Louisville called me back. It was a siren call  I couldn't resist.

So when I decided to write Death Sword (and the Angels of Death series) I knew I wanted it to take place in Louisville. Why? Because I love this city. It's home and I want to share it with my readers. 

Two of my favorite areas (and I know I've mentioned this before) are Old Louisville and the Highlands. Xariel lives on St. James Court, famous for the St. James Court Art Show. This court is part of Old Louisville, a neighborhood of Victorian, Italianate, and Romanesque manors. Across from St. James Court is Central Park Every summer Shakespeare in Central Park gives free performances in the Ampitheatre. Old Louisville is also home to cobblestone walks and stone lions guarding houses.

The Highlands is a mix of independent businesses and national chains as well as residential homes. When she first meets Xariel, Karla lives in an apartment in a converted Victorian. Walking along Bardstown Road is one of my favorite pastimes. There are several independent businesses, many part of the Louisville Business Alliance whose motto is "Keep Louisville Weird." Here there are bookstores, coffee shops, galleries, restaurants, and  shops catering to the diverse interests of the locals.

I mentioned how people leave Louisville only to return. I know at least five people this has happened to. What lures us back? Perhaps it's because Louisville offers so many amenities and yet is also manageable, a city with a friendly vibe. It's not a perfect city although the same can be said for any metropolis. But it's home.

As I continue to write stories, I hope to share more of Louisville and its eclectic offerings. Meantime, please feel free to browse my Flickr account and take a look around.
Victorian and Italianate Architecture 
Louisville, Kentucky
Eastern Cemetery

What U.S. cities do you enjoy reading about? For me, other cities include New Orleans, New York, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago.

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