Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday: Angel Profile (Zaphkiel/Thrones)

Zaphkiel is chief of the order of Thrones. (Zabkiel and Orifiel are also called ruling princes.) He’s ranked as one of the seven archangels, according to Talismanic Magic, and is one of nine angels said to rule Heaven. Along with Iophiel and Orifiel, he’s the governor of Saturn. His name, which varies as Zaphchiel, Zaphiel, and Zophiel means “knowledge of God.”

Thrones rank third in the first triad of the celestial hierarchy, according to Dionysius. They reside in the fourth Heaven and are described as huge wheels containing several eyes. Hence their name, “the many eyed ones.” Also called Ophanim (Ofanim), Thrones are mentioned in Colossians 1:16, the Testament of Levi, the Life of Adam and Eve, the Apocalypse of Elijah, and Enochian writings. They’re said to serve as chariots of God and are driven by Cherubs. This may have been the vision Ezekiel saw.

Thrones dispense divine justice and “maintain the cosmic harmony of all universal laws.”


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Zaphkiel is the hero (anti-hero?) of a short horror novel project. A renegade Throne angel hiding on earth, he takes it upon himself to protect a young woman stalked by her abusive ex-boyfriend. When Zaphkiel kills him, he unleashes a monster on the city. While Zaphkiel and Cassandra try to stop this abomination, Zaphkiel finds himself hunted by fellow angel Raziel.

His human form is tall with an athletic build, tousled shoulder-length dark hair, an unshaven face, and cerulean blue eyes. His wings are white.

In his true form, he turns into a fiery wheel covered by a myriad of eyes. 

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