Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Artful Wednesday

Yep, I changed the title of this week's art post. Actually, it's one of a few changes I'll be implementing soon.

Anyway, on to Wednesday's picture.

 "Welcome to My World"

It's a mixed media piece I started years ago. Acrylics, fabric, and digital painting. I'm still not sure if it's complete or not. (And yes, I know my art skills are lacking.) LOL

Art, whether it be photography, drawing, painting, etc., is an integral part of my creative process. One of the reasons I enjoy reading manga and graphic novels is seeing the artistic representations played out over the course of the story. Have I considered writing/drawing a graphic novel? Heck no. I don't have the drawing skill needed to not only create but maintain sequential characters and scenes. If I were a cartoonist, I'd be restricted to one panel.

Would I jump at the chance to see my work done in graphic novel format? If it's by an artist whose work I admire, hell yeah! Besides, I know Hollywood won't come calling. :-)

Anyhow, creating in a different medium from writing is a good way to jolt the right side of my brain when it's stuck in ennui mode. Not only do my art and photography provide me with something to hang on my walls, but also material for my websites, including this blog, stories, etc. So I guess you could say I'm visually oriented.


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