Monday, June 23, 2014

"Recalculating" in Nashville

Back in Louisville after spending part of last week at Film-Com in Nashville. Special shout out to Amy McCorkle for inviting me to join her. That she survived my driving should speak volumes. That anyone in Music City survived my driving is probably a miracle.

What can I say? Film-Com rocked. The panels were informative and easy to get to, being held in the Ford Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame, not that far from the Hilton Downtown, the host hotel. There was one panel per hour, and I attended "How to Launch Scripted Television Concepts," "Documentaries - Financing and Distribution," "Features - Packaging, Financing, and Distribution," and "Genre Picture Funding," the last one focusing on horror.

The horror genre was well-represented, and I had a chance to meet some industry executives who work in that field. Because it's all about the networking.

Props to the Film-Com volunteers. Well organized and in a location not far from the downtown hotel (although Amy and I traveled from Franklin, TN), the organizers succeeded in making sure not only were the venues easy to get to, but there was ample parking, always a plus in my book. :-)

As for "Recalculating"? Well, let's just say that adventures with the GPS have inspired a story idea.

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Unknown said...

Pam it was blast and hopefully I'll have a project to bring to it next year!