Monday, May 19, 2014

Magical May Blog Hop

One of the perks of being an author is twisting preconceived notions of good and evil. In Exterminating Angel, Lucifer plays a mentor-type role, helping Zaphkiel and the others as they search for two pentacles – one gold and the other silver – before the sun demon Sorath finds them. The Devil not only protects his friends, he sees to their welfare, giving them jobs and places to live.  

In contrast, Zaphkiel’s angelic boss Ophaniel not only usurps his position as leader of the Throne angels, he has Zaphkiel’s lover, Caliel, arrested and executed. Ophaniel covets the pentacles, and makes Zaphkiel a deal. If he brings him the pentacles, he’ll forgive and forget everything.

Zaphkiel knows he can’t trust Ophaniel, and any deal he makes with him is subject to the archangel’s whims. When he kills a young man and unwittingly unleashes Sorath upon the city, he realizes his situation is even more dire. This is all Ophaniel needs to threaten him with execution unless he finds and turns over the pentacles.

Both Ophaniel and Sorath seek power, although for different reasons. Sorath wants to destroy the universe. Ophaniel wants to be equal to the high-ranking Seraphim. Caught in the middle are two angels, one who doesn’t even know who he is.

As for the Devil, it would be too easy to make him evil. Creating a complex character who has to deal with the negative stereotyping. Yeah, that was harder

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Unknown said...

Good morning, Pamela and happy May. I haven't seen the trailer for Exterminating Angel before. I loved it. I'm delighted to be in such great company this release month.

Joanne Wadsworth said...

That's a cute book trailer. I'm reading Exterminating Angel now, and loving it.

Unknown said...

Love the trailer!! Congrats on your release of Exterminating Angel. Really enjoying this blog hop, too!

Unknown said...

Awesome trailer, a gorgeous cover - you've got it all going on! So happy to be doing the blog hop with you.

PamelaTurner said...

Thanks, everyone! Glad you enjoyed the trailer. :-) Joanne, hope you like the book. (Fingers are crossed.) LOL

Tera Shanley - Writer said...

Love the trailer Pamela! So exciting that our books are finally released :D Congratulations!!

Jamie Lake said...

Great trailer, Pamela! That must really help to spread the word about your book release. Have you started working on your next book yet?