Saturday, April 19, 2014

Adventures at ConGlomeration 2014

The BlackWyrm Publishing table at ConGlomeration with fellow authors, Amy McCorkle and Melissa Goodman.
What can I say? ConGlomeration, the fan-run sci-fi/fantasy convention holds a special place in my heart. It's small and personable, where people remember you on a first-name basis.

This was a special year for me, as it was the first time I had a print book to sell and I joined my fellow authors at the BlackWyrm Publishing table. The Ripper's Daughter is a paranormal historical mystery, and I sold two copies that weekend. I know, doesn't sound like a lot, but for someone who's spent cons handing out free postcards and other promo, even one sale is cause for celebration. :-)

I sat on three panels: Screenwriting, Thrill of the Kill, and Beyond the Grave. Panels force one to think fast on one's feet, to coin a phrase. Even more so when one is elected moderator. For the first time, I moderated a panel (Thrill of the Kill). Talk about nervous. I got through it, but I'm sure I made a fool of myself along the way. Good thing I'm used to that.

I always look forward to con season, when I can see fellow authors I only interact with online. Looking forward to Fandom Fest and Imaginarium. :-)

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