Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello 2013!

We survived the Mayan apocalypse. Not feeling too hopeful about the fiscal cliff, but that's another story and fodder for late night comedians.

Here's where I'm suppose to prattle on about my New Year's resolutions. I make the same one every year: I don't make any. But in 2013, I'm making an exception. Next year, I resolve to submit a manuscript, even a short story, once a month to some publication.

It won't be that difficult. I have stories already completed, undergoing revision, while others are partially finished, plus a plethora of ideas.

To be honest, I've been shy about submitting my work. I don't have the greatest confidence in my writing. But there have been some bright spots this year. I published four stories in the Ten Tales anthologies, and a short dark fiction suspense story, "Family Tradition," with MuseItUp Publishing.

That people believed in me and my writing means a lot to me. And I'd like to take the time to acknowledge them.

First, to my readers. Thank you for buying and reading my stories. I really appreciate it.

And now, kudos to a few individuals and organizations that had my back in 2012:

Amy McCorkle. She's been with me through the highs and lows of my writing career, and she always has my back. Not only does she encourage me to submit to publishers she knows, she also buys my stories, and is there to listen when I'm bummed out about lack of sales or a bad review, or whatever.

You can find Amy at her blog, Creative Chatter

Rayne Hall. Editor of the Ten Tales anthologies, Rayne has been an absolute joy to work with. She was the one who got me back on my feet, writing-wise, in 2012, even if she doesn't realize it. :-)

Check out Rayne's site of Dark Fantasy Fiction

Glenn Kleier. Local author of the thriller, The Knowledge of Good and Evil, Glenn has given my books the occasional shout out. He doesn't have to, so I appreciate that he does. And one of these days, I'm going to write that breakout thriller. :-)

Glenn's site can be found at The Knowledge of Good and Evil

Creativity Cauldron. What can I say? One of the most supportive writing groups I've ever interacted with. A positive atmosphere makes this group a go-to one for me.

Kentucky Independent Writers. I met this group in summer of 2012, and I'm glad I found them. Not only are they devoted to helping indie Bluegrass State writers succeed, they even let small press authors like me play in the sandbox. :-)

Find out more at Kentucky Independent Writers

Sisters in Crime (local chapter). I've been with this chapter for a year now. And if things keep going the way they are, I'll be with them for more. Like the other groups I mentioned, the atmosphere is positive, although the meeting discussions can become quite interesting. LOL

That's about it. I just wanted to give credit to the people and writing groups who helped make 2012 one of my most productive writing years ever.

Thanks and have a healthy and happy 2013!


Carla Richards said...

Thank you too. :)
Carla at the Cauldron

Dana said...

Wishing you a happy and productive new year, Pamela!

D.B. Sieders

PamelaTurner said...

You're welcome, Carla! Happy New Year!

And Happy New Year, also, D.B.!

Wishing you all many sales and great reviews. :-)

Marie Laval said...
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Marie Laval said...

Let's start again! Happy New Year, Pamela. I wish you success with all your writing projects! (Sorry I deleted my previous comment, there was an awful typing mistake!) Bonne Année!

Gloria Alden said...

I don't make New Year's resolutions, either. Haven't in years, but that said, I always have lots and lots of things on my "To Do" list and always have hopes I'll actually someday get them all done. Keep at the writing, Pamela. It sounds like you've had a fair amount of success and it can only get better if you continue on this path.

PamelaTurner said...

Marie, merci! :-) (My only French was in high school, so I'm quite rusty.) LOL I hope 2013 is off to a great start for you.

Gloria, I know what you mean about the To Do list. :-) Good luck with your goals this year, too!