Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Guest Post: Michele de Winton

Hi and thanks again for having me over.  It’s awesome to share a taste of what I’ve been working on with your readers.

I thought I’d give you a few quick insights into me and my latest release A Talon at Her Throat. I love to hear from readers so do let me know what you think on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter or via my website

Michele de Winton in 140 characters or less.
I’d like to think I’m like my characters: with sass, style and smarts. Love yoga, books, food, sun, girlfriends, my boys. Words are my drug.

A quick insight into the book: A Talon at Her Throat
Torn between hiding her goddess lineage from mortals and needing her powerful gifts for self-preservation, Yasmin Freeman just wants to be ordinary. But when an assignment leads her to Gray, a Talon shape-shifter able to assume the deadly features of any bird of prey, the true nature of her abilities is revealed.
Fiercely protective of his people, Gray is honor-bound to dispose of intruders, but Yasmin provokes a lustful hunger in him he doesn’t understand—a hunger that drives him to disregard the Talon’s strict avoidance of humans.
Gray’s seductive touch triggers an ancient bonding process Yasmin is powerless to stop. Their bond should hold them together, but without the cooperation of their peoples, humans, goddesses, and Talons could die. Yasmin must face Gray in battle if she is to plead with the Talon elders for cooperation, yet defeating Gray might mean the end of the fragile trust between them.

Three words that best describe Yasmin…
Smart, haunted and passionate.

If Gray had a theme song, it would be…
Sleepeater by Shihad. It’s got a good driving beat, some big guitars and enough darkness to make you want to jump around with the lights off. But it’s not all thrash metal and evil screaming, there’s some musicality and space to feel the air beneath your arms as you dance around the lounge (or maybe that’s just me ;-)

You can listen to it here

Great title too isn’t it? I think I feel another paranormal title coming…Sleepeaters, Talon, Goddesses…

Gray drew himself up tall. His sister might stand beside him as one of Congress Ten, but he was her senior and superior. There is no reason for attack and you know it. The human has shown us no cause to reveal our strength openly.
She’s built a… What is that thing? Perl hissed in his head.
A tent.
She’s built a tent in the Clearing. And she comes from the Human Council.
And soon, she will try to sleep. He sent back. Her dreams will be full of me, and she will run terrified from the Landing.
Gray heard his sister sigh, but he cut her off. Your impetuousness will be your downfall, sister. He tossed his head as his anger rose at her blatant insubordination, resenting a need to explain his actions to her. This human is weak. Just as weak as every other the council has sent out here. She will leave by morning.
Yet even as he spoke, Gray wondered about the woman below. Her soft curves, the spiraling hair threaded with gold, the almost luminous pale skin, they were all in such contrast to the features of the Talon women he was used to. But there was something more than that in this one. The radiant heat he’d noted when she first arrived was different now. When she’d taken her shoes off, something had altered in the earth around her. Something old and powerful.
He looked down again. The woman fussed around her tent, hammering pegs into the ground with no style and certainly no connection with the earth. Gray rolled his shoulders. His concern was nothing. Once she settled down for the night, he would begin. And she would never return.
“Go back to your duties,” he hissed to his sister. “This woman is mine.”

You can get hold of A Talon at Her Throat from The Wild Rose Press or via iTunes.

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Anonymous said...

Michele, I really like the excerpt and now can't wait to read this book - cool song too. How did you come up with the idea for the story?

KL Mullens

Teresa Reasor said...

EXCELLENT EXCERPT. And I liked the hero. Love those alphas.
Teresa R.

Michele de Winton said...

Hi KL,
I have a friend who works for council (she also has long red hair) and i just got to thinking about how her day to day job would get messed up if she had to deal with an otherworlder.
Then I was watching a vampire film, (a particularly famous one, with a particularly famous teenaged duo ;-) and saw an owl behind said teenaged vampire. His wings sprouted in my mind and stuck. A hot man who can fly...count me in!

And yeah, glad you liked the excerpt Teresa. Yep, alphatastic for me too thanks.

Thanks so much for having me!
Michele de Winton

Unknown said...

Great post Michele! Love the title and the premise sounds very intriguing! :D

Michele de Winton said...

Thanks Karen,
Really glad you all like the sound of it.