Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hidden Object Games Review: Phantasmat

One of my favorite games is the Hidden Object Game (HOG). The idea is to find concealed objects and work out mini logic puzzles while usually solving a mystery. Since many of the HOGs I play contain preternatural themes, I decided to write the occasional review.

Phantasmat begins with you, the player, driving a car that crashes in a remote wooded area. Wandering through the forest, you meet a Young Woman who tells you to go to the hotel and call for help. But the Hotel Owner confesses with the electricity out, the phone won’t work. Even after getting the electricity restored, the phone remains dead. You have no choice but to stay in the hotel, where you meet the Old Woman. (Incidentally, the Young Woman works at the hotel too.)

Unable to leave and drawn to the tragic history of the town, which was destroyed in a catastrophic flood, you become embroiled in discovering the secrets of the hotel’s three inhabitants. And they all have secrets they’d rather you didn’t find out.

 The character designs are among the best I’ve seen for a HOG. The backgrounds are richly detailed, giving the game an almost cinematic quality. I found the puzzles challenging but not frustrating to the point I wanted to give up. (And there is a walk through available if you get stuck.) Although the puzzles remain the same, the hidden objects change from game to game, so you can replay if you like.

Although I can’t speak for other game sites, Big Fish Games lets you play an hour free trial of their HOGs. If you’re interested in mysteries with a touch of the macabre, Phantasmat might be one to check out.  


Sara@Hidden Object Games said...

The game offers a high quality. It has smooth storyline, great graphics, music is good and the puzzles are suitable in the story. Hidden objects scenes are playable. They are easy for finding, though there are few objects laced in the dark corners. I would recommend this game.

PamelaTurner said...

Hi Sara,

Thanks for stopping by. :-) Phantasmat is one of my favorite hidden object games. Love the story line and the hint of mystery at the end.

jovana@Hidden Object Games said...

All of HOG games are good, but these one is one of my favorite, HOG games are good for mental exercise, they require: thinking,attention,concentration, they're good for mental health!!!