Thursday, June 16, 2011

Playing with Book Trailers (For an Unpublished Book)

I suppose you're wondering what would possess me to make a book video for a novel that hasn't yet received a contract. What am I? Arrogant? Presumptuous? Stupid? Crazy?

Well, probably. Maybe not all on the same day but at least one out of four. However, none of those adjectives fit the current description. So why?

I wanted to. Simple as that. I've been taking a short break from writing and decided to work on my drawing and video editing skills. (Note: the drawing is another blog.) For those of you who don't know, I used to shoot and edit a local TV show (that lasted one season). And I like working with video and imagery.

It also gave me a chance to use footage I'd shot years ago on 16mm film (converted to video). In fact, one of the rolls of film I shot inspired a scene in the book. Yes, it may be disturbing to some. Certainly unsettling. Unfortunately, Eastern Cemetery has a reputation undeserved or not. Its history is tragic enough without the vandalism. 

But there it is. Whatever the fate of the book, I hope you enjoy the trailer. If nothing else, it was a fun creative exercise.


LexxWrites said...

It was a great clip ( I have no such talent in that area) I enjoyed it!

I think it is wonderful that you took your talents and created something visually pleasing. You also had fun and that is what really counts in the end ( in my minds eye)

I hope the fate of the book is positive- I will be look for it when it hits the "shelves"

PamelaTurner said...

Thanks, Berian, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

I think creativity in any form is important, whether it be oil painting or writing a poem. I don't believe artists have to be tied down to one particular medium. Painters can be writers, and vice versa.

Sometimes I think it's good for creative types to try other art forms, and "jolt" their brain cells. A new perspective can be a good thing. LOL