Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Guest Post: Teresa D'Amario

Tigress By The Tail, By Teresa D'Amario

Lance is a Wizard. He’s not a great wizard, but he’s all right. Descended from a long line of wizards, his brothers taunt him for being slow to learn. And as the youngest, it’s his due course to accept such teasing. Life is good, and normal. For a wizard that is.

Cassie is a Shifter. A tigress to be exact. Raised by her father after her mother’s death she’s as well adjusted as any shifter can be, and still live in the human world, hiding who and what she is.

Bliss comes to a screeching halt the night Satanist kidnap Cassie and her best friend to use as sacrifices to bring forth their Dark Lord. When Cassie literally collides into Lance, she begs him to help them escape their captors, despite the dangers. The couple work together to save the life of Cassie’s friend, only to discover a shocking passion driving them closer together at a time when both should be devastated. But when Lance overhears Cassie’s father threaten his life, he heads for the hills. Cassie follows, determined to clear up the confusion. But evil is still afoot and Cassie is taken by a secret government organization dedicated to the eradication of all things magick. Is Lance willing to put his life on the line for a woman he believes is out to kill him? Especially when he realizes the organization that’s taken her, is the one he works for?

First, Pam, thank you so much for having me here on your blog. It's such an exciting time in the world of publishing. Ebooks have taken off in more formats than we could ever have imagined, and well, Pam and I both have new releases. What can be more fun than that?

I'm so darned excited it's not even funny. For those who don't know, back in 2008 I had a great little book published called The Moon: Tigress by the Tail. It was published in both ebook and print by Tease Publishing. I love Tease, but for some reason, my book didn't get the play that I wanted it to. Sales were low despite the awesome success of SheWolf, published by Freya's Bower. It wasn't the book - reviews were ravingly good. But at the time, the new small press was just getting it's feet wet in the rushing river of epublishing. Later, I would take my rights back, in hopes of a future re-issue of the book.

Well, that time has arrived! Absolutely! Tigress By The Tail has been re-edited, with new scenes and new characters added! Inspired by a friend of mine, a character came on the scene to keep Jack, Cassie's father, occupied while she was busy being kidnapped and experimented upon. After all, no Were-Tiger in his right mind is going to ignore that his daughter has disappeared. So what HAS Jack been up to? You'll have to read The new version of Tigress By The Tail to find that out. But I thought I'd give you a little taste.

He didn't knock, but went right in his daughter's home. The home that just hours before he'd found her kissing a strange human. He'd wanted to kill the boy, right then and there. But then the young man had tried to step between Jack and Cassie, and while that angered him then, it also made him respect him.

At the time he hadn't known Lance knew he was a shifter, but now that he did, he decided he respected the boy even more. He had the feeling the only reason he'd stepped down was the way Cassie looked at him.

He glanced at Inez as the door closed behind them. Beads of rain rested on her hair, like tiny diamonds. He brushed them away for her, and her eyes widened in surprise.

"Rain water."

She nodded, and straightened her skirt again, her eyes ducking, a soft smile curving on her lips. "Thank you."

He leaned closer, wishing he could kiss her now. “You’re welcome,” he whispered into her ear. She shuddered, and he smiled. This was starting to feel strange. He was no young cub on his first date, yet he couldn't seem to decide what to say to break the ice. This was unlike him.

Yes, Jack finds someone very special during this time.

And just because I'm a highly visual person, here's a quick look at the new Trailer for Tigress by the Tail:

So tell me, have you ever read a character in a book and wished the author had gone deeper with them, even though they weren't the hero or heroine of the book? And I don't mean one you know will eventually get their own book. One that's just a small part of the book, but somehow that character captured your full attention? That's what happened with Jack. So many people asked for more of his story, that I decided, when given the opportunity, I would add a bit more about his future. Tell me about the character you wanted to know more about, and one lucky commenter will win their own e-copy of Tigress By The Tail.


Billi said...

I always find characters in books that I want to know more about -- Kresley Cole does this a lot -- gives you a snippet of a person, and you're like, hey! I want more! But my all time favorite supporting character -- wasn't in a book. It was a movie. Last of the Mohicans. I swear I dreamed about the two supporting actors/characters for years!

Great post,

best of luck,

billi jean

Kim Bowman Author said...

Teresa, congrats!!! The trailer is great. HOW did you turn that woman into a tiger!!! I wanna use that trick on my next trailer. The character I wanted to know more about when I read a book was a baby. I still keep my fingers crossed that Judith McNaught will write a book for Clayton and Whitney's son Noel from Whitney My Love.

Congrats again, Teresa. I can't WAIT to read this.

Teresa D'Amario said...

Bili Jean, Actually I saw Last of the Mohicans just the other day. (rewatched it I should say). There are some excellent "Supporting characters" in that movie! I know what you mean.

Hey Kim! So glad you enjoyed the trailer! In the past I had used morphing software, but it was cumbersome and took years, er, days, to get things right. But after beating my head against my desk on this one, I bought Abrasoft FantaMorph 5, And wow! I was shocked at how easy it was, and how versatile it was compared to the program I'd used last year. It took me about an hour to mark the "points" and then 10 seconds to make the morph. The other program took about an hour to mark the points, then about an hour to create the morph, and then it seemed it never worked. This one was amazingly simple!

And thanks guys! i"m so excited to see this book coming out again!

Victoria said...

CONGRATULATIONS TERESA! Off to go buy it right now :).

Teresa D'Amario said...

Thanks Viki! You are so awesome!

Rebecca Zanetti said...

Awesome excerpt and trailer! Morphing the woman's face into a tiger is so cool. I always wanted to more about Ronon Dex on Stargate Atlantis. :)


V.R. Leavitt said...

Great job on the trailer. There are always supporting characters I'd like to get to know more about. That's cool to know that's how this book came about.

Teresa D'Amario said...

Hi V.R., thanks. :D Yep, it was alot of fun to go add more to the story. You don't get that chance very often.

Rebecca, thanks so much! Oh and yes, I love Ronon too!!!