Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Major Accomplishment

For years I thought I was stricken with the 50k word curse. Maybe it was a subconscious mental block but, for whatever reason, I couldn't write past 50k, give or take 1k. This meant I would never have any manuscripts to submit to agents and my chances of getting my book into a brick and mortar bookstore were practically nil. (Considering the volatile condition of the publishing industry that probably still holds true.)

But yesterday I accomplished something I never thought I would. I finished a novel at 102,468 words. The Zaphkiel Project, tentatively titled Forgotten Angel, is a paranormal/urban fantasy/dark fantasy. And while I'm still working on the pitch, here's a rough draft: "When an archangel unleashes hell on earth, he must enlist the help of Lucifer to set things right." (Yeah, told you it sucks.)

I'm letting the first draft sit for a few days before I start revisions. Meantime, I need to finish two short novels and start a rewrite on another.

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