Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday: Angel Profile (Seraphiel)

Seraphiel is chief of the order of Seraphim. (This title is also given to Jehoel and others.) Seraphiel also “ranks highest of the princes of the Merkabah as one of the judgment throne angels.”

Enoch 3 describes Seraphiel as an “enormous, brilliant angel as tall as the seven Heavens with a face like the face of angels and the body like the body of eagles. His is beautiful like lightning and the light of the morning star. His body is full of eyes like the limitless stars of heaven and each eye is like a morning star. He wears on his head a sapphire stone as big as the entire world. His radiant crown is the height of a journey of 502 years.”

Occult lore places him as a presiding spirit of the planet Mercury and a ruler of Tuesday. He’s invoked from the north.


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In Serpent Fire, Seraphiel is the leader of the despotic trio of Seraphim which include Kemuel and Jehoel. Handsome, suave, and extremely dangerous, it is Seraphiel who cursed Xariel after discovering his relationship with Samael. When Uriel refuses to obey Seraphiel’s orders to assassinate Samael, he finds himself imprisoned by a gold torque which, if triggered, will explode, creating a nuclear holocaust.

While Metatron’s rank is equal to and even surpasses Seraphiel’s and the others’, he is aware of the awesome power Seraphiel and the others wield. Seraphiel invited Metatron to join them, but the king of angels refused each time. The fact that Seraphiel has not punished him yet for insubordination makes Metatron wonder what they really want with him.

For reasons no one can understand yet, the Seraphic trio seem concerned about Samael despite banishing him and stripping away his memories and preternatural abilities.

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