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Monday: Angel Profile (Metatron)

According to Jewish lore, Metatron is the greatest of angels. A Dictionary of Angels, Including the Fallen Angels list his roles as being “king of angels, prince of the divine face, chancellor of Heaven, angel of the covenant, chief of the ministering angels, and the lesser YHWH.”

Metatron is the tallest angel in Heaven, although Anafiel is said to be taller. The Zohar describes Metatron’s size and height as “equal to the breadth of the whole world.” He has innumerable eyes and 36 pairs of wings.

The Talmud and Targum describe Metatron as an intermediary between the human and divine. The Cabala depicts Metatron as the one who “led the children of Israel through the wilderness after the Exodus.” Metatron is also called the supreme angel of death “to whom God daily gives orders as to the souls to be ‘taken’ that day. These orders Metatron transmits to his subordinates Gabriel and Sammael.”

While the patriarch Enoch is said to have transformed into Metatron and ascended into Heaven, Talmudic sources do not advocate this information. Metatron is also said to have a twin brother or half-brother, Sandalphon, formerly the prophet Elijah.


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Metatron’s role in Death Sword is as a Heavenly supervisor. He takes the names of the souls to be collected from Azrael and passes them to Gabriel and Samael who notify their subordinates, including Xariel.

He’s known for fudoshin, an ability to remain calm in stressful situations, and this serves him well when dealing with the Seraphim, particularly the Seraphic trio of Seraphiel, Kemuel, and Jehoel.

Despite Metatron’s high rank, which actually equals that of the Seraphim, he is aware of the dangerous powers they wield. Metatron claims to have no special abilities and relies on diplomacy and tact in his dealings.

Metatron cares deeply for his charges, especially Xariel. The younger angel of death calls Metatron “Boss” and pretends annoyance at what he considers the archangel’s meddlesome nature. Nevertheless, Xariel respects Metatron and is grateful to him for going before the Seraphim on his behalf, an action that could cost Metatron his rank if not his life.

The king of angels appears to be in his early 40s, with blue eyes and short blond hair. He stands seven feet tall and his wings are light blue. Unlike the other angels of death, he carries no weapon.

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