Sunday, March 28, 2010

Derailed Works-in-Progress

There are two writing challenges coming up next month, and I still haven't finished plotting my three urban fantasies. The characters are coming along, but the stories need more development. It's frustrating, because while I want to jump right into the writing, I'm wary of doing so. I wrote novels by the seat of my pants for NaNoWriMo and ended up rewriting 99% of the latest one. So, yeah, I'm a confirmed plotter.

The other problem is I don't know which novel I want to concentrate on. Not only is there a novel writing challenge, but I'm participating in Script Frenzy. And while I have an idea of what my premise is, I have no idea what my story is really about. Scary, I know.

How will I handle it? Most likely run my screenplay idea through Dramatica Pro. I'm using Novel Shortcuts to develop one of my novels. The other books are also being developed using various story development tools. It's an experiment I'm conducting. How well it'll go is a good question.

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